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Nikon General Lens Links
(lens history, compatibility, specs, lists, technology)

Click here for links to Nikon's medium and large format lenses

Nikon Lens Nomenclature - compiled by Bill Briggs
Demystifying Nikkor Lenses What All Those Letters on Your Lens are Telling You!
NIKKOR Lenses Simulator
"You can simulate how different lenses ranging from wide to telescopic and different formats can interact to create different photographs.
Check out the lenses that you are interested in. If you find a combination between the lens and body that you like, click the "Keep Combination" button to save the combination and you can compare each combination later."
NIKKOR Lenses Positioning Map
"Use the convenient search tools to quickly and easily find the lens you are looking for from our broad lineup of current NIKKOR lenses. Drag lenses you already own to My Lenses to display them on the map. Watch your collection grow and keep track of the lenses you still need."
Total Production of NIKKOR Lenses for Nikon SLR Cameras Reaches Fifty Million
NIKKOR SLR Lenses - 45 Million and Counting
NIKKOR SLR Lenses 40 Million and Counting
65-year History of Nikkor Lenses fotomuveszet
Recon Aero Nikkor 50cm f5.6 Red Book Nikkor

Lens comparison tests at The Digital Picture - click on the drop-down lists to access the Nikon lenses

LReviews.info - lens review database (most reviews are already linked from this website's lens review pages)
Nikon Lens Designation Alphabet Soup by EarthboundLight
Nikkor Lens Range at CameraLabs
Nikon Lens Database Roland Vink
Nikon Lens Serial Numbers Roland Vink
Nikon Lens Specifications Roland Vink
Nikon Lens Accessories Roland Vink
lens specs Grays of Westminster
lens specs - AF Thom Hogan
current Nikon lenses Nikon USA

Fun Lens Set - historical information in Japanese only

Nikon Corp.

Fisheye lenses by Nico van Dijk

Mirror lenses by Nico van Dijk

How to Interpret Thom Hogan's Lens Ratings

Lens Kit Description by Ron Reznick (scroll down the page)

30 million F-mount lenses nikon-image.com press release
R&L Nikkor Tables Philip Verwoerd
subjective lens evaluations Ken Rockwell
subjective lens evaluations Bjorn Rorslett
subjective lens evaluations David Ruether
subjective lens evaluations Riccardo Polini
subjective lens evaluations Henning Wulff
special purpose lens evaluations (mostly macro) Bjorn Rorslett
Nikon lens reviews by Fredrik Rasmussen

Cheapo Mid-Range Zooms, Part 1 by Joseph E. Reid

Low-Cost Long Lens Comparison by Joseph E. Reid

Mid-Range Zoom Comparison Part 1 by Joseph E. Reid (Nikon MF 35-70 f3.5, AF 28-85 f3.5-4.5, AFS 24-85 f3.5-4.5

Nikkor kit lens group test introduction - CameraLabs.com
Is it worth upgrading to digitally optimized lenses? at Photocrati
A macro lens compared to two portrait lenses: is there any winner? by Riccardo Polini
Nikon auto focus lenses for single lens reflex cameras by Nico van Dijk
Comparing Nikon telephoto lenses - video at LensRental (scroll down page)
Which Nikon Lens should you choose? by Kent Photography
"Here is what I would choose for myself for the different purposes. Of cause there are other alternatives, but these are what I would choose for myself."
The Essential Lens: 70-200mm f/2.8 - Why Every Serious Shooter Needs This Lens by Peter K. Burian
"The primary reason you might want an f/2.8 telephoto is because it allows for shooting at faster shutter speeds. Granted, this may not be an issue on bright, sunny days even at f/5.6 when using ISO 200 for example. In much darker locations however, a wide aperture or "fast" lens can be a blessing."
In search of the perfect walkabout lens for Nikon DX by Kim Brebach
"My top choices here are the Nikon 18-70 and 18-135mm. No, I’m not a starry-eyed Nikon acolyte. The 18-70mm is still a benchmark as I said at the beginning, and the 18-135mm is the lightest, lowest cost zoom offering this kind of range, accurate colour and tremendous sharpness of image. It is longer, lighter and much smaller than the 18-105mm VR, barely longer than the kit 18-55mm."
Tale 47 (Nikkor; The Thousand and One Nights): The Ai Zoom Nikkor 35-200mm F3.5-4.5S - Nikon's First High-Power Zoom Lens
"Tale 47 discusses a lens developed at a time when many lens manufacturers were racing to develop zoom lenses. In this tale we will examine the thoughts of the designer and episodes that arose in the development of the Ai Zoom Nikkor 35-200mm F3.5-4.5S. What exactly led up to the development of this lens? Just how did it perform? Tale 47 brings to light the secrets of the Ai Zoom Nikkor 35-200mm F3.5-4.5S."
Lens Therapy: Nikon DX Lenses Under $300 - Phoblographer
"A lot of Nikon photographers think they need to spend thousands, on lenses, to take great photos. They read all the information available and think they know the best of the best. However, they cannot always afford these lenses. Some even let this hold them back. They can though, save money or think differently, especially if they are Nikon DX shooters."
Value for money lenses for Nikon by Sujoy Das
"Many photographers migrating from point and shoot cameras to a DSLR camera often complain about the huge investment required to be made in DSLR lenses. So to help them I am listing below some value for money Nikon lenses,  many of which I have used myself."
Value for money lenses for Nikon FX format by Sujoy Das
13 Nikon Prime Lenses That Will Fulfill Any Digital Photographer’s Wish List at PhotographyTalk
Empower your hand-held shooting with our Vibration Reduction system - IamNikon blog
"One of the many ways that our COOLPIX, Nikon 1 and D-SLR cameras help you to take steady and sharp images is by using VR (Vibration Reduction) technology. So today on the blog we thought we’d take a closer look into exactly how that technology works."
NIKKOR -Welcome to Our World-, "VR Technology" has been redesigned
New page showing and discussing VR technology
Tilt & Shift: Controlling focus and perspective with Nikkor PC-E lenses - Pixiq
"Simon Stafford, offers a step-by-step guide to using the tilt and shift lens movements with Nikkor PC-E lenses."
Using the PC-E Lens video by Moose Peterson
"I’m really hoping this video helps all those still lost in using the PC-E lens. It really is darn simple, just put the film plane parallel with the subject."
An unusual telephoto setup: Nikon Coolpix L3 mounted on a Nikon AP-5 automatic level, resulting in a telephoto lens equalling 2000+ mm - Nico van Dijk
Four Ways to 400mm by Brad Hill
"...Nikon released a much-improved version of their 2x tele-converter (the TC-20EIII - my field test for this TC here), which opened up many more ways for me (and many, many nature photographers) to get to 400mm. With the plethora of options to 400mm, the following question came to my mind: Which 400mm option would work best for me in any given field situation?"
The 200mm? by Moose Peterson
"Why all the 200mm duplication? That’s a damn good question, seriously! Why would anyone have a duplication of focal length let along four times (counting the 70-180 which is purt near 200mm)?"
200mm Lenses Compared by Joseph Reid
Nikon Wide Angle DX Nikkor Zoom Lens Comparison at DigitalReview.ca
Lens Reviews at Photozone
lens tests Photodo
lens tests Olle Bjernulf
Nikon Lens Reviews Link Collection Jan Wakker
Lens Reviews - Short & Sweet Daniel Nielsen
Nikon 105mm Center Sharpness Comparison by Ken Rockwell
Nikon 105mm FX Corner Sharpness Comparison by Ken Rockwell
Nikon 200mm Center Sharpness Comparison by Ken Rockwell
Nikon 200mm FX Corner Sharpness Comparison by Ken Rockwell
Nikon DSLR/Lens Compatibility by Steve Denton
Nikon Manual Focus Lens Versions by Fredrik Rasmussen
Nikon Lens Compatibility Charts by Ken Rockwell
AI-s compatibility chart Lars Holst Hansen
body / lens compatibility J Ramon Palacios
lens history, terminology, and technology Ken Rockwell
lens mount types Photography in Malaysia
lens mount types Stephen Gandy
Nikon Lens Mount article by Ron Hashiro
lens focal length signal Lars Holst Hansen
lens speed indexing post Lars Holst Hansen
Nikon's meter indexing mechanisms Lars Holst Hansen
Novoflex releases Nikon G to Canon EOS mount adapters DPReview
"Novoflex, Germany's premier manufacturer of quality digital and analog accessories, announces the availability of a new lens adapter to mount all Nikon lenses, including the G series, to any Canon EOS mount camera body."
Rebuilding a lens and getting Nikon parts - NikonGlass blog
"For a long time I have been contemplating the rebuild of my old and trusty 500mm lens. Even though its optical performance was great, some of its moving parts were showing their age and using the lens was becoming more tiresome."
AI conversions John White
AI conversions William Sampson
AI conversion - do it yourself Lars Holst Hansen
add Matrix chip to extension tubes Bjorn Rorslett
aperture stop down lever problems Jason Busch
commercial high resolution Nikkor lenses Akiyama Michio
perspective change 35mm to 85mm Al Smith

Lens cleaning articles by the Mansurovs

Lens cleaning by Fredrik Rasmussen
The Nano Crystal Coat - Interview with Nikon Engineers
Tips on Choosing an Used Lens by Koh Kho King
Series-E lenses Photography in Malaysia
New Nikon VR Technology webpage - Flash-based
Mamiya Lens Hood – Because it looks cool! by Terry White
"at the last Photoshop World Conference I saw a couple of my buddies using the Mamiya Lens Hood and at first glance I even questioned whether or not they if they were shooting with a "NEW" lens. I asked because for some reason the Mamiya Lens Hood looked more (and I don't know how else to put this) "professional"."
using a lens hood with rotating filters Don Ferrario
lens hood list Shinsaku Hiura
lens hood specifications Rick Housh
Don Zeck Lens Cap Now Available for Most High-End Nikkors - PhotographyBLOG
"Don Zeck lens caps have been engineered for superior protection from scratches, dust, rain and other hazards. The lens caps are equipped with a collapsible low-profile handle, so that the cap can easily be mounted or removed while the hood is in either the shooting or stored position. The Don Zeck lens cap is now available for the 200mm F2.0 VR, 300mm F2.8 VR, 300mm F2.8 AF-S, 400mm F2.8 VR, 400mm F2.8 AF-S, 500mm F4 VF, 500mm F4 AF-S, 600mm F4 VR and the 200-400mm F4 VR Nikkors"
Nikon Trunk Case CT-F1 - Safe and Practical Transport for Super Telephoto Lenses
Tripod Collar Blues Bjorn Rorslett
Tripod Collar Evaluations Bjorn Rorslett
DOF & Hyperfocal Distance by J. Ramón Palacios Nikonians
Cleaning your Lenses & Filters by Koh Kho King

Nikon Medium and Large Format Lenses

Medium Format (no longer in production) Author
Nikkor Lens Test (for Bronica S series) Sam Sherman
Nikkors for Bronica Zenza Camera (in Japanese)
Nikkor Lenses for Medium Format Shinsaku Hiura
Nikon Rangefinder to Bronica Zenza Adapter Stephen Gandy
Nikkor 105mm Leaf Shutter Instruction Sheet
How to use Nikkor 105 Leaf Shutter
Nikkor 180mm in Bronica Mount Stephen Gandy
Large Format
EI-Nikkor Enlarging Lens review Ed Buziak
Large Format Lenses Bjorn Rorslett
Large format lenses by Nico van Dijk
Process Nikkor 260mm f10 Red Book Nikkor
Process-Nikkor 210mm f10 Red Book Nikkor
APO Nikkor 455mm f9 Red Book Nikkor
APO Nikkor 240mm f9 Red Book Nikkor
EL Nikkor 135mm f5.6 Red Book Nikkor
EL Nikkor 105mm f5.6 Red Book Nikkor
EL Nikkor 63mm f3.5 Red Book Nikkor
Nikon Wooden Film Holders Red Book Nikkor

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