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D3S & D3X SLR review links

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Misc Articles and Links about the D3S
First Shots: Nikon D3S - DigitalCameraInfo
Nikon D3s Hands On Photos and Video: DSLR Night Vision Is a Beautiful Thing - Gizmodo
Nikon Podcast #27 – The New Nikon D3S D-SLR and Nikon's Presence at PhotoPlus 2009
Nikon D3s samples: ISO 100-102,400 by Ellis Vener
A first look at Nikon D3S high ISO image quality, plus the new 70-200mm f/2.8 - RobGalbraith

Yep, I Have The D3s… And More! by Moose Peterson

Nikon D3S & 70-200VR II by Louis Pang
D3s Sample Video Clip by Moose Peterson
Which D3 is Right For YOU? by Moose Peterson
"This is a really, really, really common question coming my way, and to be really honest with you, it’s a great question! All three D3 bodies have something special to offer you but it’s up to you to way the advantages and disadvantages of each for YOUR photography."
D3s High-ISO samples at LetsGoDigital
The Guts: Nikon D3's Viewfinder - PopPhoto
A Unique Photo Shootout Featuring David Bergman and Robert Caplin: Canon 1D Mark IV Versus Nikon D3S
"So who wins the shootout?  When it comes to high ISO, both cameras excel, but the Nikon D3S edges out the Canon.  Autofocus performance is excellent on both cameras, with the Canon being slightly more responsive."
An analysis of EOS-1D Mark IV autofocus performance (with comparison to the D3S) - RobGalbraith
"To sum up, our experience with the D3S' AF system is that it's trustworthy and dependable enough for us to be confident using it for peak action sports. Not perfect: it needs to be a bit faster off the line, in addition to the other quibbles we've mentioned. But it does work as needed most of the time, which is in stark contrast to the experience of the EOS-1D Mark IV in the last month."
Nikon D3S vs Canon 1D Mk IV at PhotoRadar
"Having tested both cameras extensively, we have to call this fight a dead heat. We could nit-pick over this and that but at the end of the day, in use, both cameras deliver unparalleled user experience and outstanding image quality in the toughest of shooting situations."

Using The Nikon D3s D-Movie Mode: Part 1 - Pixiq
"Simon Stafford takes an in-depth look at shooting video with the Nikon D3s."

Richard Peters uses our D3s for some ‘Out of this world’ photography - IamNikon Blog
D700/D3 versus D3S high ISO noise comparison by the Mansurovs
Nikon D3s vs Canon 1D Mk IV at Phoblographer
Nikon focusing modes - Nikon D300/D700/D3 by Neil van Niekerk
"The current line-up of top Nikon D-SLRs offer a range of AF settings.  The combinations in settings seem daunting at first.  But with other settings on my D3 bodies, I keep it fairly simple.  Instead of flip-flopping between numerous settings, I keep it simple by generally using the AF settings in just two ways.  This depends on what whether my subject is static or moving …"
Aquatica Housing for Nikon D3 Series - PhotographyBLOG
"Cameras Underwater has launched a redesigned version of its Aquatica underwater housing for the Nikon D3 series. This newer housing will accept the latest Nikon D3S version as well as all Nikon D3 and D3X models. Extra controls for the D3S’ video features have been included and larger, more tactile control knobs added for better feel in cold water."
Video: Nikon D3 Shutter in Super Slow Motion - PopPhoto
"Shot at 5000 fps, this incredibly hypnotic video gives us an unusual look at what exactly happens inside the camera in the moments after pushing the shutter release."
Moose Peterson's D3 settings
Canon EOS 1D MkIV vs Nikon D3S at ePhotozine
"Good as it is though, when it comes to image quality factors such as noise at high sensitivities and dynamic range, it falls short when compared to the Nikon D3S."
This Nikon D3 DSLR Halloween Costume Actually Works PopPhoto
"Card-carrying camera nerd Tyler Card built the body of his killer camera costume out of cardboard and a five gallon bucket. Then, he built a normal-sized Nikon DSLR and a flash into it, using a remote shutter cable so he can actually walk around taking pictures. Perhaps the coolest part is that the resulting images are then displayed on the back of the costume, using a hacked laptop LCD screen."
Review Links
D3S review at ePhotozine
D3S review at BJP-online
"...the D3s makes sense if you feel the buffer upgrade (36 shots in raw) and higher ISO are going to benefit you; the improved AF performance and ergonomics are certainly welcome..."
D3S review at ePhotozine
"It is a thoroughly inspirational piece of kit to use and that in itself justifies its price tag immediately. Its high ISO sensitivity means you can carry on shooting in the poorest ambient light and without using a tripod. That would count for nothing if the results from using the high ISOs were poor and unusable, but they are not."

New Nikon D3s by Dave Black
"The NEW Nikon D3s camera is well worth the money and a definite improvement over the D3. A new standard of high ISO has been set and the D3s is the undisputed king. Not only are its clean High ISO levels 1 and 1/3 higher than a D3, but I believe the D3s handles the shadow areas cleaner and with more edge detail as well. The ISO setting of 6400 is now a cleaner and almost noiseless reality, and compares closely to the quality of the D3 camera at ISO2500. ISO12,800 looks great and is very similar to the ISO of 4000 on an older D3."

  • The D3s Advantage by Dave Black
    "Here is a continuation of my D3s review, but rather than examine grid iron imagery, this time I thought we would see what advantages the New Nikon D3s camera offers in some other, more hospitable environments."
D3S review at PopPhoto
"In the field, this Nikon performed flawlessly. The Matrix metering did a great job of choosing the right exposure, being fooled only by the toughest scenarios. The 51-point Multi-CAM 3500FX autofocus system worked wonderfully with the 3D Color Matrix Metering II system to track subjects by shape and color."
D3S review at PhotographyBLOG
"So, is the Nikon D3S the world's best digital camera then? Well, statements like that are always controversial to say the least, but for most intents and purposes; yes, it is."
D3S review at LetsGoDigital
"I even dare to say that this is the best digital SLR camera at this moment. In any case, the best that Nikon has ever built."

D3S review at PhotoRadar
"In summary, the D3S offers a series of worthwhile improvements over a camera that was already at the top of its game. So it’s all good, right? Almost. All except for a nagging feeling about the price. Two years ago the D3 launched with a list price of £3,400. Since then it’s crept up to £4,000, and now Nikon wants £4,200 for the D3S."

D3S review at DPReview
"Judged on its own merits, the Nikon D3S is an absolutely outstanding camera. It offers exceptionally good image quality across an extremely wide range of ISO settings, and its key systems (AF, white balance and metering) are at least on a par with the best available in other cameras from rival manufacturers."
D3S review at OutbackPhoto
"Overall we are just amazed by the low light capabilities of this camera. We take lower noise at higher ISO over more pixels any time and understand that Nikon stayed at conservative 12 Megapixels. By the way 12 Megapixels can deliver some very nice prints up to at least 20" wide."
D3S review at PhotoReview
"Like its predecessor, the D3s sets lofty standards in high-sensitivity performance. No noise was visible in test shots up to ISO 3200 and it didn't become obvious until ISO 12,800...Nevertheless, the D3s provided sharper, more saturated images than we obtained in test shots from the EOS 1D Mark IV..."
D3S review by Thom Hogan
"Bottom line: the D3s a great camera made better. Unless you need more pixels, it's the answer to pretty much every photographic problem."
D3S review at Imaging-Resource
"At this moment, though, Nikon has provided a tool to filmmakers that they didn't have before, and while it is in some sense limited (compared to your average pro camcorder), the Nikon D3S still works extremely well, and is capable of recording in light so low that no camcorder can compete."
D3S review at DigitalCameraReview
"The Nikon D3S is probably among the most capable pro DSLRs on the market today. It has the feature set, speed, flexibility and image quality that professionals need with only a 12 megapixel sensor. You may not agree, but I would rather trade off some megapixels for image quality and, especially, for low light and high ISO performance."
D3S review at ShutterBug
"...from my experience the D3S is a state-of-the-art pro camera that lets you get images you might not have considered previously possible, and then some. Battery staying power, framing rate, customization features, nine-shot brackets, focusing speed and accuracy, and video and still crop and size options make it a formidable machine for any working photographer."
D3S review by Michael Weber
"The great plus of the D3S is its high-ISO capability (above ISO 2,500) and only if this field of ISO 2,500 and higher is your standard working condition you might find legitimation of purchasing such a body."
D3S review by Steve Huff
"...the Nikon D3s is a world class photographic tool that can be used for just about ANY photo situation. Action, sports, wildlife, portraits, studio, low light, no light, and everything in between. It is the camera with everything in it, even the kitchen sink!"
D3S review by John Rettie (PDF)
D3S review at dkamera.de
German language review

D3X Digital SLR

Official Nikon links

D3X previews

Dutch language links

Misc Articles and Links
Nikon releases firmware updates for D300S, D700, D3, D3X (Jan 6, 2010) - RobGalbraith
With download links to Nikon Canada, USA and Europe
D3/D3X – Extended Service Program from Nikon Canada
Nikon D3x hands on - ePhotozine
The World is Your Studio: D3X
A Word From Moose About the Comments On The Nikon D3X - ScottKelby
Scott Kelby's Quick Nikon D3x Pricing Q&A
Nikon acknowledges Sony connection in D3X image sensor - Rob Galbraith
Nikon D3x Performance Data and Analysis Now (at DXO) - Imaging-Resource
Nikon's new SLR leads the pack for sensor quality by Stephen Shankland
Nikon Podcast #19: Behind-the-Scenes with Michael Lichter and the D3X
Nikon D3X and D90 Honored with TIPA European Photo & Imaging Awards
D3X: American Photo Editor's Choice 2009: Pro DSLRs
Nikon D3X in space - NikonLinks Editor (July 20 post)
Nikon D3X Digital SLR Camera Recipient of EISA Award
Enthusiastic shutterbug immortalizes Nikon on his forearm - Engadget
Which D3 is Right For YOU? by Moose Peterson
"This is a really, really, really common question coming my way, and to be really honest with you, it’s a great question! All three D3 bodies have something special to offer you but it’s up to you to way the advantages and disadvantages of each for YOUR photography."
Camera of the Year: Nikon D3x - PopPhoto
"Only the Nikon D3x could be Popular Photography’s Camera of the Year, the model that best refined or redefined photography in 2009."
Aquatica Housing for Nikon D3 Series - PhotographyBLOG
"Cameras Underwater has launched a redesigned version of its Aquatica underwater housing for the Nikon D3 series. This newer housing will accept the latest Nikon D3S version as well as all Nikon D3 and D3X models. Extra controls for the D3S’ video features have been included and larger, more tactile control knobs added for better feel in cold water."
D3X Sample Images from Nikon USA
D3x Photos at PhotographyBLOG
Jeff-c's Nikon D3X sample images at full size - FotoActualidad
D3X sample photos at StudioImpressionsPhotography
Nikon D3x vs Sony Alpha 900 ISO50-ISO6400 100% Cropped Comparison at MasterChong.com
D3x ISO test posted on flikr
Sony Alpha 900 and Nikon D3X raw file noise comparison at Photoclub Alpha
Nikon D3X test images now online at Imaging-Resource
Big Three Noise Shootout – A Year-End Pixel Peeping Extravaganza at Luminous Landscape (D3X, Canon 5D2, Sony A900)
Nikon D3x vs. Canon 5D MKII: Image Noise tests at ProPhotoHome
D3X compared to Canon 5D Mk II at British Journal of Photography
Nikon video features stunning motorcycle photography - Rob Galbraith
Leica M9, part 2, performance compared to Nikon D3x by Erwin Puts
D3X birthday cake - post and thread at NikonCafe.com
"My wife knows the love between me and my d3x and she made the original size copy of it with poured fondant and put it on the birthday cake."
Review Links
D3X review diary at OutbackPhoto
D3X review by Thom Hogan
D3X comments by Joe McNally

D3X review by Georg Nyman

Nikon D3X: Camera Test at PopPhoto

The Nikon D3X...Part 1 by Dave Black

D3X review at PhotoReview
D3X review at DPReview
D3X review at Luminous Landscape
D3X review at PDNGearGuide
D3X review at Shutterbug
D3x Review at PhotographyBLOG
D3X review at DigitalCameraInfo
D3X review by Shun Cheung for Photo.net
D3x vs Canon EOS 5D Mark II at CameraLabs
D3X final review at Imaging-Resource
D3X review at TrustedReviews
D3X initial impressions by Jason Odell
D3X review at DigitalCameraReview
"Given the D3x's cost and specifications, it's clear that this is a highly specialized camera that will appeal to professionals who need or want large image files. However, photographers whose work demands highly detailed images (or advanced amateurs with a hefty bank account) won't be disappointed with the D3x's image quality and highly sophisticated feature set."
D3X review at PhotoRadar
"The problem with the D3x is that all of its systems are inherited from the D3. A superb camera, no doubt, but one that is 18 months old."
D3X review at ePhotozine
"There is no doubting, this is a truly wonderful camera, and yes, I want one. But can it truly be worth £1800 more than a D3 (Or, for that matter, £3000 more than a D700). The answer is clearly no – The main difference from the D3 at £2900, is the inclusion of a 24.4MP sensor. Little else, even processing speed has hardly changed as the firing rates show, so they're charging £1800 extra for a different sensor!"
D3X review by Michael Weber
"The inherent richness of details and the high resolution are advantages which have be worked for very hard. This means you have to adopt to a very precise work-flow and you should own the most outstanding Nikon glass available. If you really get into that you will be rewarded with fantastic results."
D3X review at NeoCamera
"The bottom line is that the Nikon D3X has no equal which allows it to command a premium price over other Digital SLR cameras. Performance is top-notch and allows for very large prints of superb quality. It is flexible enough to be suitable for all types subjects and will be particularly rewarding for landscape and architecture photography."
D3X review at CameraLabs
"I had a lot of fun being the owner of a Nikon D3x for 10 days and it was a great learning experience too. As much as I enjoyed shooting with the D3x, this adventure helped me realise the D3x really isn't the right camera choice for me and I'm glad Gordon persuaded me to rent it as a trial first. The difference in price between my 7D and the D3x was $6500. Even though I thought the D3x was a great camera, I didn't feel it offered me an additional $6500 worth of value and features."
D3X review at dkamera (German language review)

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